Monday, October 13, 2008


A big "up" to all those who witnessed the first AL-A-KA-ZAM event at Chapter.
It was a great performance, such a varied coming together of different musicians and groups ;the Cardiff New Music Collective, the Spencer McGarry Season, Sweet Baboo, Matthew Lovett, and other esoteric performers. We did a performance of my Piece "Cops and Robbers" my first so called "Game Piece". The rules are below, its simple to play!!

Cops and Robbers

How To Play:
Two groups—the "Cops" and the "Robbers." Choose an object [A balloon or balloons] for the robbers to try to "steal." To win the game, the robbers must complete their goal of stealing or touching this object and escaping from the cops. The cops can tag the robbers by retrieving the balloon and sending robbers to “jail” or removing them from the game completely

All cops seated triumphantly playing “Theme from Police Academy” keeping a balloon in the air with the aim of stopping the robbers from getting it. If a robber successfully gets control of the balloon, or the balloon falls in to enemy hands inadvertently then all COPS must at once switch to the music from “The Bill” or other suitable chase music (perhaps the Sweeney theme tune if you can get it together!) until they get it back. The cops win if they eliminate all of the robbers/send them to jail, or if they protect the designated item for a set time limit.
All Robbers free to play and music and/or do whatever they choose until one robber manages to apprehend the Balloon where upon all Robbers immediately play “Smooth Criminal” or other suitable robbers motif. The repetition of a simple riff is essential.
Once a Robber loses control of the Balloon to a Cop that particular Robber is in Jail for the rest of the game, and immediately starts to play “He’s in the Jailhouse now” until the game is over.
Each time a new robber is tagged they join in with “He’s in the Jailhouse now” for the games duration.

The robbers win if they successfully steal the designated item and are not all completely eliminated within the set time period.
The cops win if they eliminate all of the robbers/send them to jail, or if they protect the designated item for a set time limit.

All music is to be interpreted freely.

Friday, October 10, 2008

"Spring Leaf Spring"

My new Chamber Piece "Spring Leaf Spring" is being performed for the very first time at The Gate Theatre in Roath on Oct23rd. The double meaning of the title is both a Spring Leaf and a Leaf spring, this is due to me being a compulsive punner, although I dont have Foerster's syndrome for sure!!

We've all worked very hard on it though so it should sound tiptop and bristol fashion as they used to say. Also on the programme is the wonderful Roshi, who sings songs with an Iranian influence.