Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things Make Electric at The Experimentica Festival

The latest  from T.M.E and our ongoing pursuits in the field….

Things Make Electric at Experimentica 2011: Chapter, Oct 14th 11.00pm
This live performance comprises improvised music and visuals; the idea being that each influences the other in order to develop and learn a common language of improvisation and thereby generate a new set of responses for the audience.
Drawing inspiration from Jacques Attali who said that ‘the only worthwhile researchers are undisciplined ones’ and from interdisciplinary work by the likes of Black Mountain experimentalists Cage and Cunningham, TME is a multisensory experience, where sound, images and light create sensations that are greater than the sum of their parts.
TME are Matthew Lovett Ben Owen Tina Hitchens Paul Jones.

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Things Make Electric at Experimentica 2011

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