Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dots.filmband - Chrysalis to Moth

From the Dots.filmband Tour in Autumn 2011, this video shows us performing to 'Chrysalis to Moth' - a short film by Virginia Head, and one of two films by her that we featured in the tour. The score for this film was unique in relation to the other film's scored for the project, as it was created by consolidating ideas created through improvised passes to the film. Each performer is mirroring different durations and events present on screen, particularly in the sections where the sketches are drawn.

Performed at Chapter Arts Centre as part of the SWN Festival 2011.
Musicians are:-
Tim Tate - Guitar/ Loops
Tina Hitchens - Keyboards/Flute
Paul Jones - Keyboards/Drones

dots. filmband play to Chrysalis to Moth by Virginia Head from Benjamin Arthur Owen on Vimeo.